How The Container Store is capitalizing on home improvement craze and Netflix


The Container Store is capitalizing on stay-at-home, pandemic lifestyles with its most recent streaming service partnerships.

The storage and organization specialist company saw record sales in September upon its collaboration with the Netflix show “Get Organized with The Home Edit,”and now it’s cooking up a new partnership with the tidying up guru Maria Kondo.

While it’s not The Container Store’s first foray into the streaming world, after partnering with Netflix’s “Queer Eye” several years ago, it is the first time the brand is “the one that shines,” according to The Container Store Chairwoman, CEO and President Melia Reiff.

“The timing of The Home Edit ‘Get Organized’ premiere could not have been better as consumers are spending more time at home and acknowledging the need to make the most of their spaces,” Reiff told FOX Business. “Everything we offer at The Container Store helps people accomplish their projects and we worked very closely with Netflix to market the show and ensure that this connection was made.”

The company’s strategic engagement with the streaming world comes in an effort to stay relevant to a new generation of consumers that are active on various digital platforms.

The Container Store’s line with The Home Edit — the full-service home organization company founded by celebrity home organizers Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer — and the marriage of streaming on Netflix proved beneficial to the brick and mortar outlet.

Sales surged 17.8% and the pantry organizing products continue to drive traffic both in-store and online. The collection’s latest batch of goods includes makeup and vanity organizing products.

Beyond the Netflix tie-in, the company is seeing an increase in organization solutions across all areas of the home/living space.

“Whether it is a closet project, a pantry project, a bath project, a playroom project, a home office project; the point is that we all want to maximize our space, make it efficient and functional and make the most of our homes with products that are many times practical but also complement our design aesthetic,” Reiff said.

Marie Kondo star of the Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” will be next up to test the streaming/Container Store relationship. A co-branded collection of products will launch in January. Although specifics have yet to be announced, the exclusive items will touch multiple areas of the home and feature sustainable materials including bamboo, ceramic, recycled fiberboard and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

“When I was looking to develop products, I wanted a sustainable line that would spark joy and deliver the versatility and expertise The Container Store is famous for,” Marie Kondo said in a statement. “I am so proud of what we have created together and thrilled that we were able to infuse aspects of my Japanese heritage into the collaboration.”

Container Store chief Reiff added that the product launch comes at a time of heightened interest to get organized and accomplish projects surrounding New Year’s resolutions.

With coronavirus cases hitting record highs, as well as the cold weather season looming, home improvement is becoming more than just functional but a craze. Like other retailers such as Home Depot, The Container Store has been a direct beneficiary of more and more people taking an interest in “Do It Yourself” projects.

“They are at home a lot more now, and perhaps some might not be comfortable at this time with installers coming into their homes,” Reiff said noting more customers have been purchasing the store’s custom closet system and shelving, Elfa, but passing on the professional installation.

Reiff added that the company has heard from customers that “are feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride in accomplishing their own projects themselves.”